Agape Baptist Church's Vision

The greatest goal any human being can set to achieve in life is to aspire to become like Jesus Christ. Then we need to know who Christ was, and how He lived His life on the earth.  To sum up the life of Christ, He was an ambassador of God, faithfully demonstrated who God is, and obeyed what God commanded him to do.  In fulfilling His role as an ambassador for God, He has lived the most meaningful life on this earth.  To become like Christ then, is to faithfully represent who God is, and obey what He commanded us to do.  The church is the body of Christ, where we can learn how to live the most meaningful life on earth. The authentic church therefore, should help us to understand Christ, and equip us to pursue this goal of becoming like Christ.  Agape Baptist Church's goal is to become an authentic church. We have three goals: 

1. To become a church where people can come and learn about Jesus: the Way, the Truth and Life, through God's word.  We want people who have visited our church to say, "I learned something about Jesus today.  I learned something about God today.  Now I understand better what it means to know God." 

2. To become a church that will be a genuine witness of Christ.  We want people who have come to our church function to say, "These guys are serious about Christ.  They just don't stop talking about Jesus.  They are genuine witnesses for Him." 

3. To become a church that will make disciples of all people. We want people who have come to our church function to say, "The church members really wanted me to become part of the church.  They really wanted me to grow and learn about God.  They really care about my well being, both spiritually and physically." 

By focusing our efforts in these three goals, it is our hope that God will use the church to help people come to know Christ and accept Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord.  It is our hope that God will use Agape to help people find meaning and purpose for their lives as God had intended.

In summary, our mission statement is: Agape Baptist church exists to worship God and glorify Him by continuously learning about Him, becoming His witness to the world and by making disciples of all people.

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